Peter Enrique Quijano, Esquire

Peter Enrique Quijano, Esquire, has been recognized with the prestigious 2017 American Inns of Court Professionalism Award for the Second Circuit.

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Peter Enrique Quijano has become a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal Associations in America… read more.

The New York State Bar Association presented Quijano & Ennis attorneys, Peter Enrique Quijano and Anna N. Sideris, with the David S. Michae’s Memorial Award for Courageous Efforts in Promoting Integrity in the Criminal Justice System for their work on U.S. v. Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani.

New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

Quijano, Ennis & Sideris is a criminal defense law firm handling cases mainly in the Southern & Eastern Districts of New York but representing clients all over the U.S. and internationally, in the areas of money laundering or violating international drug laws, white collar criminal offenses, RICO, civil rights violations, terrorism, and official corruption.

Peter Quijano and Nancy Ennis have over 65 years of combined experience in the practice of law, with 40 years devoted to federal criminal practice. Along with attorney Anna Sideris, they present a formidable team with unparalleled skill and expertise in federal criminal law. Many federal cases are resolved through negotiations, and our firm steps in as soon as possible, often before an arrest has been made. If the case does go to trial, few attorneys in this area have successfully tried as many cases as Mr. Quijano; his wealth of experience is an invaluable asset in this intricate area of practice.  He has tried over 120 cases before a jury where clients were charged with various crimes including: murder, drug distribution and importation, money laundering, racketeering (RICO), securities fraud, terrorism, rape, robbery, and possession and use of firearms.

A federal court criminal defense practice is very different from a state-based practice, requiring a unique set of skills and abilities.

Investigations – We get involved as early in the case as possible, often before charges are filed or arrests are made. Our investigative staff includes former officers and agents from federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, who know how to conduct investigations and have maintained access to and working relationships with law enforcement and intelligence.

Sentencing – Even with the existence of sentencing guidelines, federal courts have significant discretion to deviate from the guidelines. This complicated field is an area of expertise for our firm; Nancy Ennis is particularly successful in obtaining lower sentences on behalf of the firm’s clients despite the guidelines.

Writing Ability – Federal courts rely on written briefs and motions much more heavily than state courts do, and strong writing skills are required to succeed in a federal court practice. Our attorneys draft and respond to complex motions persuasively and effectively.

Relationships – Our lawyers have been trying complex federal cases for 20 years, with amazing results. With such longevity in this specialized area of law, we have built working relationships with the prosecutors working in this area. We have a reputation for our negotiation skills and ability at trial, and are respected by the prosecutors and judges in the courtrooms in which we often appear.

Our attorneys possess the skills and expertise in all of these essential areas. In fact, Mr. Quijano is the creator, founder and Co-Director of a mentoring program established under the auspices of the judges of the Southern District of New York to prepare experienced state criminal defense lawyers for practice in the federal system and possible membership to the Criminal Justice Act Panel.

If you have been indicted or arrested, or believe you are under investigation for a federal offense involving white collar crime, international drug trafficking or money laundering, contact Quijano, Ennis & Sideris, and put our experience to work for you immediately. Firm personnel are fluent in both English and Spanish, and we are eager to help you resolve your legal issues.