International Drug & Money Laundering

With a criminal defense practice spanning decades in the federal courts along the Eastern Seaboard from New York to Florida and beyond to Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Venezuela, the attorneys at Quijano, Ennis & Sideris have experience defending clients charged with crimes such as international drug trafficking and money laundering. From working to avoid extradition or negotiate favorable conditions for surrender, to mounting a strong and successful defense in court, our criminal defense lawyers have the skill and experience to handle the most complex cases involving U.S. and international drug laws.

International Drug Trafficking Indictments

Our practice in international drug cases has included the representation of individuals charged as members of Columbian drug cartels and paramilitary groups. Utilizing our North American and Latin American sources, we are often able to become involved early in the case, with excellent results for our clients. Even when dealing with people and cartels on the run, we are often able to successfully handle negotiations to avoid extradition or provide an effective defense in a fair setting.

Money Laundering Charges

With an investigative staff including former law enforcement and intelligence agency officers and agents, and strong relationships with several law enforcement agencies, we are often able to anticipate arrests and charges before they occur, giving us time to prepare investigations and take a pro-active role, rather than simply responding or reacting to government action. Our practice in this area includes defense of charges brought in connection with the Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE), where US dollars are converted to Columbian pesos through the use of peso brokers and other means, allegedly involving drug money. Many U.S. companies are unwittingly caught up in the system, with the government seizing bank accounts which allegedly contain laundered drug money that the companies knew nothing about.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

A conviction for an international drug crime or money laundering can be quite costly in terms of asset forfeiture, fines and federal prison time. Trust an attorney with the experience in this area to prepare and provide a sound and reasonable defense. If you are under arrest or indictment or are being sought in connection with a violation of international drug laws or money laundering, contact Quijano, Ennis & Sideris